• Green Your Move-In

    Set the tone for a greener year with these simple tips for a more sustainable move-in.

  • Green Your Office

    Create a work environment that is both productive and sustainable.

  • Host a Green Event

    Here’s how you can easily make your events more sustainable.

  • Recycle and Compost Properly

    Responsibly disposing of our everyday resources reduces their negative impacts on the environment. Learning a few simple yet conscientious practices can go a long way.

  • Purchase Responsibly

    Before you reuse and recycle, take a moment to rethink, refuse, and reduce! Responsible and conscientious consumption will help you live more sustainably.

  • Explore Environmental Well-Being

    Forge a deeper connection with nature and explore the ways our natural environments teach us patience, resilience, mindfulness, and positivity.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

    There are many ways you can passively reduce the amount of energy you use in the home, dorm, classroom, and office! Make a few of these simple changes to minimize your consumption.

  • Travel Sustainably

    Stay green even while on the move!

Curious about JHU's Sustainability Efforts?

A sustainable future is in the hands of individuals and institutions alike. Learn more about behind-the-scenes initiatives to make Hopkins more sustainable.