JHU’s campuses use two recycling systems: dual stream and single stream. Dual stream recycling means that paper and cardboard are separated from plastic, metal, and glass items. Whereas single stream recycling means they can be combined.  

  • Dual Stream | Homewood, Keswick, School of Medicine, Mt. Washington  
  • Single Stream | APL, Bloomberg School of Public Health, D.C., Eastern, School of Nursing, Peabody 

Review the menu below for more detailed information on what can and cannot be recycled at JHU.  

Paper and Cardboard

Accepted (if clean)  Not Accepted  
All Office Paper Food or beverage paper products including coffee cups and paper plates or napkins  
Cardboard and Paperboard Boxes


Metal, Plastic, and Glass

Accepted (if clean and empty)  Not Accepted  
Steel and aluminum items #3-#6 plastic containers
#1 plastic bottles and jugs Styrofoam*
#2 plastic bottles and jugs
Grocery bags
Plastic wrap

*Styrofoam #6 can be collected separately and recycled on the Homewood Campus by submitting a work order here.
**Glass is only accepted in academic spaces at Homewood.


Composting is available at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Homewood, Keswick, School of Nursing, and Mount Washington locations. Limited composting is available at the School of Medicine.

Fruits and vegetables  
Meat and dairy products  
Compostable plastic including #7 or PLA
Food or beverage paper products — paper plates or napkins, paper or fiber-based food containers, coffee cups


Before you compost your fruit peels, be sure to remove the sticker and dispose of it separately. Those aren't compostable (yet)!

Specialty Recycling

Prevent many more items from reaching the landfill by taking advantage of the specialty recycling programs and options available at particular locations, or upon special request, on various campuses.


Electronics such as computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and cords can be recycled on all campuses by contacting the appropriate divisional Facilities Office.


Hard-to-recycle items like writing utensils, chip bags, wrappers, personal care products, and more can be recycled at the Homewood Campus through Terracycle. Submit a work order below.

Lab Supplies

Visit our Green Labs page for information on recycling in labs at Homewood and the School of Medicine or check out the guidance document.