• Angela Aherrera

    Research Fellow
    Angela Aherrera, DrPH, MPH, is a joint postdoctoral research fellow at the Pediatric Pulmonary Division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research expertise is in exposure assessment and environmental epidemiology and mainly revolves around environmental hazards (i.e., heavy metals, microplastics) from certain industries (i.e., tobacco, apparel) and how they impact consumers/workers' health.
  • Bentley B. Allan

    Associate Professor
    Bentley B. Allan, PhD, has research interests in the history and theory of international order, global environmental politics, the role of science and expertise in global politics, and qualitative methods.
  • Daphene Altema-Johnson

    Program Officer, Food Communities & Public Health
    Daphene Altema-Johnson, MPH, MBA, RDN, LD, uses her expertise and experience as a nutritionist to support the Meatless Monday campaign. She’s especially interested in reaching young people with wellness messages through school programs and community outreach to effect generational change.
  • Dhananjay Anand

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Dhananjay (DJ) Anand focuses on metrology, control systems, and dynamics in relation to the electrical power grid. More generally, he is interested in systems engineering, diagnosis, and reasoning challenges associated with networks of interdependent information technology and physical components.
  • Patti T. Anderson

    Senior Program Officer, Food Systems Policy; Associate, Health Policy and Management
    Patti Truant Anderson, PhD, MPH, plays a central role in developing, implementing, and evaluating activities that engage the public health field in agriculture and food system policy at domestic and global levels.
  • Meghan Avolio

    Assistant Professor
    Meghan Avolio, PhD, aims to understand the mechanisms by which humans directly and indirectly alter plant populations and communities and whether there are consequences for ecosystem function.

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