A Commitment to Address the Climate Crisis 

Through the continued work of academics and researchers, our understanding of climate change, its drivers, and the technology available to combat the climate crisis have increased dramatically over the past several decades.  

Johns Hopkins University views it not only as the responsible choice, but as an obligation to our global community, to take meaningful action and make ambitious commitments that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and educate our students about the impacts and causes of climate change. Building off of our 2008 JHU Climate Change Implementation Plan, the new JHU Sustainability Plan, set to be released in Fall 2023, solidifies our commitment to addressing climate change in the following areas and more. 

Climate Action

Climate change is a complex challenge requiring urgent action across all levels of society. To do our part, Johns Hopkins University is setting ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance resiliency.

Built Environment

Enhancing environmental stewardship in the design and operation of JHU’s buildings and physical infrastructure is a guiding consideration in planning for both efficiency and well-being.

Natural Environment

Maintaining ecologically beneficial landscapes and access to nature is fundamental to the well-being of the JHU community, our surrounding neighbors, and regional biodiversity.

Responsible Consumption

Reducing waste and responsibly managing materials from procurement through disposal is essential to minimizing our impact on the environment and public health. JHU is committed to collaborating with partners and individuals across the university to reduce waste and increase diversion.

Transportation & Mobility

JHU is dedicated to providing access to multi-modal transportation solutions that enhance pedestrian and bicycle access, reduce the need for single-occupancy vehicles, and improve regional air quality and noise pollution.

Environmental Justice

JHU strives to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and environmental justice to provide a fair and equitable environment free from harm for all people.