Get Outside

Research shows that spending time in nature can has positive impacts on physical well-being including reducing stress hormones, lowering blood pressure, and improving overall mood. Join us on one of our Mindful Walks, get outside with the Office of Experiential Education, or explore our interactive map to discover natural spaces in and around JHU campuses.

Combat Climate Anxiety

Climate change is one of the most complex and challenging issues facing our world today. If addressing this problem sometimes feels daunting and stressful, you are not alone. Read the following article for tips to combat your climate anxiety.

Eat Plant-Based Meals

Livestock-based food production causes approximately one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce your carbon footprint, consider swapping a meat-based meal for a plant-based meal at least once a week. This not only helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources, but can also have numerous health benefits. Did you know the Meatless Monday campaign was started at the JHU Center for a Livable Future? Explore this page of resources to learn more.

Learn More

Well-Being and sustainability go hand in hand. For more general tips, visit Johns Hopkins University Student Well-Being.