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Innovation & Economic Progress

The development of novel technologies is integral to our ability to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. From batteries for the storage of renewable energy, to optimized grids for its delivery and use, to carbon capture technologies–the potential for innovation is endless and promotes a diversified and strengthened sustainable, circular economy in the process.
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    Benjamin Hobbs

    Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professor of Environmental Management; Director, JHU Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute (E²SHI)
    Benjamin F. Hobbs, PhD, uses systems analysis and economics to improve electric utility planning, operations, and policy, as well as management of environmental and water resources systems.
  • Jonah Erlebacher

    Jonah Erlebacher, PhD, is expanding our understanding of materials processing, using variations of dealloying to create ultra-high-strength nanocomposite metals that may survive extreme environments, and discovering next-generation fuel cell catalysts.
  • Howard Fairbrother

    Howard Fairbrother, PhD, studies the environmental implications and applications of nanomaterials.
  • Paul Ferraro

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
    Paul Ferraro, PhD, is known for his research on behavioral economics and the design and estimation of impacts of environmental programs.
  • Marisa Hughes

    Senior Staff Scientist
    Marisa Hughes, PhD, focuses on incubating new research in understanding, mitigating, and adapting to the rapidly changing environment. This includes Earth sensing and modeling, climate readiness, environmental response and restoration, resource security, and source reduction.
  • Mac McComas

    Senior Program Manager, 21CC; Project Manager, BSEC
    Mac McComas is the senior program manager at Johns Hopkins' 21st Century Cities Initiative (21CC), the hub for innovative, interdisciplinary, academic urban research at Hopkins, and the project manager at the Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative. Mac is interested in urban issues related to climate change, sustainability, entrepreneurship, economic development, access to opportunity, education, transportation, housing, public policy, and infrastructure.

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