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Healthy Communities, Workplaces, & Lifestyles

The health and well-being of communities is dependent on a multitude of factors. Environmental sustainability touches many of them: community food systems, green space & urban tree canopy, and access to clean, drinkable water among them. Sometimes oversimplified to an issue of choice, the health status and lifestyle choices of community members are often a byproduct of the systems – political, economic, social – in which they exist. Many JHU affiliates study and implement methods to increase agency and accessibility to resources within communities across impact areas.
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    Angela Aherrera

    Research Fellow
    Dr. Angela Aherrera is a joint postdoctoral research fellow at the Pediatric Pulmonary Division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research expertise is in exposure assessment and environmental epidemiology and mainly revolves around environmental hazards (i.e., heavy metals, microplastics) from certain industries (i.e., tobacco, apparel) and how they impact consumers/workers' health.
  • Daphene Altema-Johnson

    Program Officer, Food Communities & Public Health
    Daphene Altema-Johnson, MPH, MBA, RDN, LD, uses her expertise and experience as a nutritionist to support the Meatless Monday campaign. She’s especially interested in reaching young people with wellness messages through school programs and community outreach to effect generational change.
  • Daniel J. Barnett

    Associate Professor
    Daniel Barnett, MD, MPH '01, studies emergency preparedness, response, and recovery to identify approaches for optimizing population health in emergencies and disasters.
  • Jane Bennett

    Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Humanities
    Jane Bennett, PhD, specializes in political theory: ecological philosophy, art and politics, American political thought, political rhetoric and persuasion, and contemporary social theory.
  • Raychel Santo

    Senior Program Coordinator, Food Production & Public Health, Food Communities & Public Health
    Raychel Santo, MSc, works on a variety of projects related to local/regional food policy councils and governance (through the Food Policy Networks project), the relationship between diet and climate change, urban agriculture, and institutional food procurement.
  • Darryn Waugh

    Darryn Waugh, PhD, endeavors to understand dynamics and transport in the atmosphere and oceans.

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