In order to allow for the easy exchange information about important sustainability news, events, and opportunities, the Office of Sustainability has created an open listserv. Although the listserv will be managed by the Office of Sustainability, we are creating this as an open platform for all students, faculty, and staff. The listserv will serve as a mechanism to allow for better communication between university stakeholders and to share ideas and opportunities across our many campuses. 

If you are interested in subscribing, please email us, type “sub sustainability” in the email subject, and send. Subscribers are welcome to opt-in or opt-out at any time—membership is completely voluntary. For those that do choose to sign-up, here is a quick list of relevant information:

    1. The Hopkins Sustainability Listserv is an open tool available to all members of the university community, regardless of department of affiliation.
    2. The listserv is an open forum, not a newsletter list or other subscription.
    3. Subscribers will receive all messages shared by other senders, but will only be able to respond directly to the sender of each message and not to the full listserv and/or its subscribers. This will reduce excessive email volume.
    4. We encourage you to post and share information with other listserv members by simply sending a formatted message in the body of an email to
    5. For time-sensitive information, try to contact the list administrators at least 72 hours before the event/deadline. This allows time for messages to be reviewed and moderated.
    6. In most cases, subscribers will not be able to send information regarding a single event more than one time. Special consideration will be made for recurring events, extended deadlines, etc.
    7. In alignment with Johns Hopkins expectations of its community members, please reserve this listserv for appropriate professional and academic content.