SHIP (Sustainable Hopkins Innovative Projects for students) is an innovative student organization in which students identify, promote, and carry out sustainability initiatives at Johns Hopkins University. Student members hope to bring issues of climate change and sustainable development to the students and departments Hopkins, create a coalition of like-minded groups, and provide a platform for conversations. Group activities include developing and implementing annual on-campus projects, organizing regular sustainability-related field trips, and collaborating with off-campus environmentally-focused public and private partners. Past projects include researching construction waste diversion, energy auditing of HVAC systems on campus, retrofitting lighting and building infrastructure, and developing a green living guide for dormitories. SHIP also worked to establish a coalition of sustainability-focused student groups on campus to increase the groups’ communication and impact on the Hopkins community. They work closely with the general student body, academic departments, the Office of Sustainability, and Baltimore city to educate and involve the JHU community around pressing sustainability issues.


SHIP is a primarily project-based group, but  Town Hall events are held each semester for all group members in the Johns Hopkins Sustainability Coalition, of which they are founders, to participate in a variety of networking and community-building activities as well as thought-provoking moderated discussion about important sustainability topics affecting JHU and the world. Additionally, beginning last year, SHIP holds an annual sustainable living competition in partnership with SaveOhno. This year, they are launching a recycling and waste campaign, for which they plan to host a number of educational and action-oriented events, to be decided.

Since SHIP is a relatively small group, meeting times change every semester to best accommodate the team’s schedules.