Real Food Hopkins is a student group committed to food justice at Johns Hopkins campus, the Baltimore area, and beyond. We push towards food sovereignty by working with dining to make product shifts towards real food, organizing food advocacy and awareness events, cooperating with larger food movements (like this one), sponsoring a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for Hopkins affiliates, and promoting community-based learning about food. We also work closely with the Blue Jay’s Perch.

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Real Food Hopkins helps the university reach its goal of 35% Real Food by 2020, in adherence with the Real Food Commitment signed by President Daniels in Fall 2013. Real Food is defined by being local, ecologically-sound, humane, or fair. We implement these goals and changes through the Food Systems Working Group comprised of students, JHU administrators, JHU Dining representatives, faculty, and local farmers. Our long term goal is to build a movement that believes in ending our dependence on Big Food corporations and redirects our energy towards food sovereignty.


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  • Facebook: Real Food Hopkins
  • Weekly Food Justice Meetings
  • Monthly Community Potlucks
  • Semesterly FSWG Dinners
  • Weight Your Waste Campaigns at FFC & Nolan’s

Tuesdays 7PM in Levering Conference Room A