The Washington, DC Center houses three divisions across three buildings: the Advanced Academic Programs, Carey School of Business, and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.


  • In 2016, the DC campus launched a reusable to-go container initiative in campus cafes, helping to reduce waste and engage students, staff and faculty about daily reuse opportunities more broadly.
  • Since 2008, the DC campus decreased electricity by 16.9 percent and natural gas by 87.9 percent.


To request recycling services (including additional bins, toter deliveries, or pickup for special items), report plumbing and HVAC issues, or request event support at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), submit a Zendesk ticket. At Carey Business School, contact operations at 202-588-0597.


SAIS: Request a pickup of e-waste by IT by emailing saishelp@jhu.edu. No personal e-waste is accepted. IT does not take responsibility for any confidential information left on loose devices. Please wipe before recycling. Alkaline batteries go in the trash. Place lithium batteries in e-waste bins on campus with tape on the battery terminals.

Carey Business School: Green bins for battery and electronic recycling are located in work rooms throughout the building. Faculty, staff, and students can recycle personal and small university e-waste there. For large-scale electronic recycling jobs, IT coordinates recycling through an outside vendor. IT does not take responsibility for any confidential information left on loose devices. Please wipe before recycling.

AAP: Contact Facilities.

SAIS: Submit a Zendesk ticket to have small appliances and fluorescent lightbulbs recycled. For large appliances, arrange for the vendor of the new one to take the old appliance away.

Carey Business School: Building engineers use an outside vendor. Contact Campus Operations with any questions at 202-588-0597.

AAP: Contact Facilities.

SAIS: Request a pickup of printer cartridges by IT by emailing saishelp@jhu.edu.

Carey Business School: Operations encourages returning cartridges back to HP directly or through Office Depot. Alternatively, request a pickup through IT, who sends toner and ink back to the vendor for recycling.

AAP: Facilities encourages returning cartridges back to HP directly or through Office Depot.

TerraCycle is a program that allows you to recycle items that are not accepted in traditional recycling bins, like writing utensils and energy bar wrappers.

At Carey Business School, you can collect items in a small bin in your office. Submit a request for pickup through Campus Operations at 202-588-0597.

The School of Education collects and distributes surplus school supplies to Baltimore City schoolteachers. At Carey Business School, you can collect these items in your space and request a pickup through Campus Operations (202-588-0597). They will transport to the School of Education.

limited number of items are accepted for recycling from laboratory environments if they have not been exposed to biological, chemical or radiological contamination. They include all types of office paper, pipette tip racks and boxes (not tips!), and plastic bottles which previously contained buffers or other solutions that did not include biological materials such as serum, growth factors, media supplements, etc. Labels of such bottles must be defaced or removed. Items from BSL III labs are NOT acceptable. Materials from labs can be collected within the lab and disposed of in designated bins in the hallway or you can request a recycle bin for your lab by filling out the Recycling Request form. You can also use your own bin but it must be clearly labeled “Recycle.” Hazardous chemical waste should be handled through Health, Safety, and Environment.

SAIS: Submit a Zendesk ticket to have unwanted furniture picked up. Facilities will work to repurpose it within the building and then recycle it.

Carey Business School: Contact Campus Operations (202-588-0597) for recycling and reuse within the building.

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