Johns Hopkins at Keswick is comprised of two large traditional office buildings, the North and the South Building. The property’s large open floors and two data centers make it ideal for housing financial services and information technology operations. Johns Hopkins at Mt. Washington serves as a conference center, office space for University and Hospital employees, and a data center.


  • In 2014, the Keswick Green Team initiated the Keswick Farmers Market, a popular program allowing easy access to local food and goods, sustainability resources, and engagement with like-minded colleagues
  • In 2016, multiple solar panel installations were completed at both campuses. These include garage canopies at Keswick and Mount Washington, and a rooftop installation at Mount Washington.


To request recycling services, including bins or pickup for special items, report plumbing and HVAC issues, and request event support, contact Transwestern in Keswick at 443-997-0680 or and in Mt. Washington at 410-735-7727.


Drop off in the Transwestern Office in the building. For large electronics, contact Transwestern to schedule a pickup (443-997-0680 at Keswick and 410-735-7727 at Mt. Washington). Both personal and university e-waste is accepted. Transwestern and JHU do not take responsibility for any confidential information left on devices. Please wipe before recycling.

TerraCycle is a program that allows you to recycle items that are not accepted in traditional recycling bins, like writing utensils and energy bar wrappers.

Drop off writing utensils and energy bar wrappers in the collection bin in the Keswick Transwestern Office.

The School of Education collects and distributes surplus school supplies to Baltimore City schoolteachers. Collect these items in your space and contact the Keswick Transwestern Office at 443-997-0680 to request a pickup. Depending on the volume, Transwestern will transport the items to the School of Education.

The Furniture Reuse Program, coordinated by Homewood Recycling, offers a closed-loop for campus furniture. If you have unwanted furniture, request a pickup online. If you need to purchase furniture, contact the HOP Reuse Hub coordinator, Brigid Gregory ( Please visit the Furniture Reuse Program page for more information.