World Water Day 2019

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Every March, the United Nations hosts World Water Day to bring awareness to the social, economic and environmental importance of our planet’s water resources. This year’s World Water Day theme was “leaving no one behind,” a tribute to the billions of people across the globe who still live without access to safe and clean water. World Water Day is observed across the globe and serves as an opportunity to learn and inspire action on water-related issues.

The United Nations recognizes safe and clean water for drinking and sanitation as a human right. Unfortunately, more than 2 billion people live without safe water at home. Sometimes, this lack of access is a result of discrimination. Women, children, refugees, disabled people and indigenous communities are some of the populations most affected by this discrimination. Environmental degradation, climate change, political conflict and forced displacement can also limit peoples’ ability to get safe water.

The JHU Office of Sustainability took part in this year’s World Water Day by spreading awareness about these issues on our social media. We encouraged others to share World Water Day info on their own social media and to consider planning an event for next year’s World Water Day. 

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