Meet the Staff

Jason Mathias

As the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Jason works to lower Johns Hopkins' carbon footprint through Smart Labs and other sustainability initiatives. He is also responsible for managing data and metrics. Jason joined the Office of Sustainability from Baltimore City government, with five years logged in the Office of Sustainable Energy managing energy and alternative transportation projects. He is a Certified Energy Manager and has a B.S. in Environmental Science and Studies from Towson University.

Growing up locally, Jason has a passion for both trees and seeing Baltimore prosper. He's part of the community in Thread and helps weekly at Sarah's Hope. In his spare time, Jason can often be found biking around Baltimore, or at a local vegan eatery. Jason is excited to be working with you to make Johns Hopkins a leader in sustainability!

Ashley Pennington

Ashley Pennington is the Program Manager for the Johns Hopkins University Office of Sustainability. Ashley helps oversee implementation of Climate Action Plan, coordinates annual review of campus progress and goal-setting with various campuses and divisions, facilitates strategic stakeholder engagement on projects and programs to increase campus sustainability operationally and culturally, and provides direction to Office of Sustainability staff to meet strategic objectives. She serves as an adviser to various student programs, teaches an intersession course introducing freshmen to sustainability on campus, in Baltimore and beyond, and oversees the "Green Lead: Whole Impact Training" Leadership Program: a training program designed to provide students the skills, tools and experiences to be effective leaders on campus, in the community, and in their careers through workshops, guest speakers, excursions and interactive activities. Ashley also serves on the Board of Directors for the Baltimore Community ToolBank, and represents Johns Hopkins on numerous committees, including the Healthy Harbor Steering Committee, the Ivy Plus Sustainability Consortium, Baltimore Colleges & Universities for a Sustainability Environment (B'CaUSE), and various internal working groups and committees. 

Though born in Baltimore, Pennington came to Hopkins from the University of Florida, where, after earning her B.A. in English Literature, she managed communications and campus engagement programs for their Office of Sustainability. She holds a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business from Marylhurst University and prior to her work at UF, she spent time on Florida’s Space Coast working in advertising, marketing and public relations. When she's not working or cheering on the Florida Gators, Ashley loves to cook, read the many books that adorn her shelves, spend time at home and in nature with her husband and two dogs, and working to overcome her acute wanderlust.



The Office of Sustainability hires semester and spring interns. Below, learn more about our fall 2017 cohort. Bios are front row to back row, left to right.

Abigail Pearse is a Smart Labs Intern with the Office of Sustainability. She is a junior majoring in environmental engineering, with minors in mathematics and entrepreneurship & management. She grew up just outside of Philadelphia in Media, PA. In her free time, she loves reading and spending time outside. She shows my commitment to sustainability in her everyday life by sticking to a vegetarian diet because the meat industry has many negative environmental impacts.

Jiyoon Lee is a junior majoring in Public Health and with minors in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, and Psychology. Jiyoon is excited to be a Smart Labs intern this semester at the Office of Sustainability. She was born and raised in New York City. One thing Jiyoon does to be more sustainable, especially when home in New York, is to always use public transportation or walk wherever possible. In her free time, Jiyoon likes watching movies or looking for good places to eat in Baltimore. She love to travel and try out new things! 

Carley Petrone is the Communications and Marketing Intern for the Johns Hopkins Office of Sustainability. She is currently a senior Global Environmental Change and Sustainability major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. She grew up in Greenwich, CT and loves to play squash as she is the co-captain of the Johns Hopkins Women’s Squash Team. After taking a sustainable food systems course, she was inspired to make her daily life more sustainable by shifting her diet to include more organic and plant-based foods. Carley has found that keeping sustainability in mind when making food decisions is a great way to reduce her environmental impact. She is excited for her senior year and looking forward to working with everyone at the Office of Sustainability!  

Aran Chang is one of the new Green Lead Coordinators. Currently Aran is a premed junior double majoring in MSH (Medicine, Science and Humanities) and East Asian Studies and minoring in Museums & Society. Aran grew up in New Jersey and her absolute favorite thing to do is eating delicious foods and collecting Pikachu memorabilia. One thing Aran does to be more sustainable in my daily life, but is super easy to follow, is try to use a reusable water bottle and fill it with water from the tap. And on summer mornings and night, because there’s a lot more cool air during this time, she turns off the AC to save energy.

Alex Walinskas is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois. She is a Global Environmental Change & Sustainability major and enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of her studies. On the Hopkins campus, Alex serves on the Student Government Association and participates in Students for Environmental Action and WJHU Student Radio. This year, Alex looks forward to exploring great places for vegetarian and vegan meals in Baltimore in an effort to eat more sustainability.

Isabela Garces is the Air Travel Analyst. I'm from Orange County, California. Bela is studying Computer Science with a minor in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability. She tries to be more sustainable by purchasing vegetables locally from a farm right outside of Baltimore. In her free time, she likes to try out vegan recipes that she finds on YouTube or Facebook.

Caitlin Yanos is a Green Lead Coordinator. A Filipina originally from Hawaii, she moved to Washington state when she was 7 years old, where she resided for the next ten years before becoming a student at JHU. After taking her freshmen year to narrow down her passions, she is now a Global Environmental Change & Sustainability (GECS) and International Studies (IS) double major on the Pre-Law track. In an effort to be more sustainable, as well as to improve her overall health, she has made the full diet transition into veganism. Her other interests include reading, exercising, as well as music. In fact, she is a member of JHU’s only pop/punk a capella group, “The Gilman Underground”.

Kathy Wang is working as a Climate Action Plan Research intern, helping to investigate different topics and issues to update JHU’s plan and vision for sustainability. She grew up in Maryland and am currently studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. To be more sustainable in my daily life, Kathy tries to watch my electricity use, in terms of turning off lights when she leave the room and minimizing my AC use so that it doesn’t turn on whenever out of the house (i.e. at work or school). She is interested in dance, and currently dances with the Modern Dance Company here at Hopkins.

Ideas in Action

Think before you print.

Office paper is highly recyclable, but a lot gets wasted. Waste reduction is more cost-effective than recycling because it reduces the amount of material that needs to be collected, transported and processed.