Student Jobs

Recent Grad Opportunities: Updated 4/10/18

Dartmouth Sustainability Corps Program Manager

Description: The Sustainability Corps is a program created in support of the Our Green Future report adopted in spring 2017. The report requires assessments, measurement, and the development of standards in a number of areas. The Corps Program Manager will connect these recommendations with our teaching and learning mission by engaging student analysts in conducting measurement and assessment studies recommended by the task force report in collaboration with faculty, staff, and alumni experts.

This full-time staff member will coordinate the Corps. They will design and implement training programs, oversee student employees in weekly check-ins, mentor student teams and troubleshoot student projects. They will also establish and maintain relationships with collaborators in key focus areas, ensure high quality deliverables, and present these deliverables to key implementers on campus. Finally, they will be responsible for the college’s sustainability accounting such as carbon accounting, greenhouse gas emissions accounting, resource inventories, and annual reporting to assess our progress towards goals in energy, food, water and waste systems and in sustainability planning.

Key Skills include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Excellent ability to motivate and lead students and to prioritize, and manage multiple projects, and people.

  • Positive, solution orientation.

  • Strong data management skills and experience performing quantitative analysis.

  • A sense of humor and a willingness to learn.

Yale Urban Sustainability Program Manager

The Urban Sustainability Program Manager is responsible for leading key efforts to enhance collaboration between Yale and area partners on transportation, community engagement, land use, and biodiversity. This position promotes sustainability both within Yale and the New Haven community, in-person and through the use of online platforms, and partners with managers from various city departments and non-governmental organizations as part of Yale’s effort to enhance collaboration between Yale, New Haven, and the surrounding region. This is a fulltime salaried staff position.


  1. Works closely with University leadership, internal and external colleagues, and community residents to develop and implement collaborative urban sustainability programs and events.

  2. Leads a program to develop a strategy to enhance the walkability and bikability of the Yale campus.

  3. Manages a portfolio of transportation-related university programs, including bike-sharing and car-sharing initiatives as well as resources for Yale employee and student commuters.

  4. Collaborates with Yale Human Resources and Administration on developing programming and resources for Yale staff members, which includes events, programming and promotion of various employee benefits related to sustainability, particularly transportation. Oversees the development and analysis of a biennial survey, creating and maintaining website content, and maintains a vibrant social media presence.

  5. Captures and analyzes metrics to identify and measure the success of various programs related to sustainability. Recommends programmatic or communications adjustments based on knowledge of Yale and New Haven sustainability priorities.

  6. Prepares materials with the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs, and represents Yale in meetings and at events with officials in the City of New Haven, the State of CT, and other institutions in the region to communicate the university’s commitment to transportation demand management programs, address various urban infrastructure challenges and enhance the ecological, social, and economic vitality of the region.

  7. Collaborates with various operational and academic stakeholders on initiatives to enhance sustainable land and biodiversity management on campus.

  8. Liaises with faculty and students on academic inquiries related to the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025, which includes the goals under Stewardship, Climate Action, and Mobility.

  9. Presents information about Yale Sustainability programs at select conferences as well as orientations for students, staff, and faculty, and at other events and meetings as-needed, both on and off campus.

  10. Develops strategic partnerships with like-minded peer institutions and municipalities.

  11. Supports institutional efforts to develop coherent policies and practices related to carbon offsets. Oversees the management of the Yale Community Carbon Fund, a program designed to allow Yale community members to offset travel and events with contributions to local sustainability initiatives.

  12. Oversees temporary and student employees as needed.

Civic Works

  • Baltimore Conservation Leadership Corps- Crew Leader
  • Mission Thrive Summer Program- Crew Leader
  • EnergyReady- Operations Coordinator
  • Retrofit Baltimore- Contractor Partnerships Coordinator

National Aquarium

  • Immersion Program Aide
  • Guess Engagement Aide
  • Seasonal Membership Ambassador

Summer Student Employment Opportunities: 

Post Landfill Action Network

Duration: June 1, 2018 - August 11, 2018

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Compensation: $3000 stipend

  • Partner Expansion Intern: PLAN is seeking a student with an interest in the role of for-profits and industry in the zero waste movement and a strategic approach to development.
  • Reuse Economy Interns (2): The Reuse Economy Research interns will work with PLAN and Goodwill Industries International to develop resources to help campuses and Goodwill outlets collaborate on projects to promote reuse.
  • Create Your Own Internship: EJ & Zero Waste: PLAN is seeking a student that is inspired to build or develop a project that is focused on the intersectional framework of environmental justice movement and broader social justice work. This internship is an opportunity to come to us with your wildest dreams to further racial, gender, and other forms of social justice within the zero waste movement.

City of Baltimore

Sustainability and Planning Intern

Application deadline: July 15, 2018

Fall & Spring Student Employment Opportunities:

The Office of Sustainability works with stakeholders across the Johns Hopkins University to adapt operations, establish programmatic initiatives, and infuse stewardship for the environment into campus culture. As part of a new internship program, interns will work on a multitude of projects, ranging from planning events and developing educational resources and marketing materials, initiating or helping to host university programs and campaigns, to conducting research and working with campus partners to develop programs, integrate sustainability into operations, and assist our efforts to affect systems-level change across the university.  All positions are paid and open to current JHU students only. All internships span 15 weeks each semester, at roughly 50-75 hours per term. Students must be able to work independently, including off-site. All interns will meet weekly as a group with office staff, weekly with their project supervisor, and participate in other conversations as needed, able and appropriate. 

All internship positions are filled at this time. Please check back this spring for fall 2018 openings.

Housing Outreach Intern

The Outreach Intern will coordinate educational outreach within on-campus residence hall facilities to first and second year students. This may include ongoing compost education as well as research and development of a Green Room Certification program or Green Room campaign and educational resources.

The project will require the intern to, among other things, research behavior and practices in residence halls, identify targeted behaviors to improve, research existing resources at JHU and other universities, employ behavior change strategies, develop outreach materials (may include a checklist, reminder stickers, electronic and social media announcements, flyers, etc), gather and integrate feedback from Housing and Residential Life, conduct peer-to-peer outreach, and assess the program’s success.

As part of the process, the intern will learn about opportunities for energy conservation and waste minimization in living spaces, behavior change best practices, and project management skills.

This intern will report to the Office of Sustainability but work closely with Residential Life and Housing. Meet weekly with other Office of Sustainability interns, meet bi-weekly with supervisor in Office of Sustainability, and otherwise work off-site. If and when the intern has programs or initiatives to propose, they will first share them with Residential Life and Office of Sustainability for feedback and development.

Students from all academic majors with a strong interest in environmental sustainability, behavior change, peer-to-peer engagement are encouraged to apply. Experience with on-campus residence hall programming a plus. The ideal candidate will have a professional work ethic, the ability to work independently, strong organizational and communication skills, and a desire to make the campus more sustainable. Apply for the Housing Outreach Internship online.

Smart Labs Intern

Lab space is the most energy/waste intense space on campus. The Smart Labs intern will assist in projects looking to reduce the waste in this space through programs such as: equipment analysis and rebates, equipment and lab space inventorying, assisting in implementation or creating behavior change tactics such as green lab certification. The project will require the intern to, among other things, review best practices among peers and the commercial environment, attend meetings and provide training for lab users and lab managers, complete energy analysis of various equipment options, provide cost savings estimates, and complete rebate paperwork.  

As part of the process, the intern will learn about the ways in which labs operate, engage with researchers and facilities managers, in addition to gaining knowledge about project management and an understanding of how to approach operational change at the institutional level strategically. This intern will report to the office's Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, but will work closely with other campus offices, including Health and Safety, the Recycling Office, and individual lab spaces. Meet at least weekly with supervisor in Office of Sustainability and otherwise work off-site.

Students from all academic majors with a strong interest in sustainability, energy conservation, waste minimization, and behavior change are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will have a professional work ethic, strong organizational and communications writing skills, and a desire to make the campus more sustainable. Experience working in research laboratories is a plus.

Number of positions: 1-3


Bullitt Environmental Fellowship


Post Landfill Action Network

Students for Zero Waste Conference Coordination Fellowship

Description: PLAN is seeking a recent grad with a passion for large event organizing and volunteer recruitment and management. This student will work closely with the team to make the 5th Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference a success at UPenn.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Timeline: June 1, 2018 - November 16, 2018, with opportunity for extension

Compensation: $12000 stipend ($2000 monthly)

Ideas in Action

Think before you print.

Office paper is highly recyclable, but a lot gets wasted. Waste reduction is more cost-effective than recycling because it reduces the amount of material that needs to be collected, transported and processed.