Climate Showcase

The Climate Showcase Project was a partnership between the university and the City of Baltimore that seeks to help various non-profit organizations in the city reduce water and energy consumption in their facilities and develop in a more sustainable manner from 2010 through 2012. These changes will not only enable these non-profits to become more environmentally-friendly, but may ultimately save money so that they can put more of their resources towards their programs that play a vital role in improving the quality of life for all Baltimore residents.

To these ends, JHU has recruited and trained teams of local college student interns through the Office of Sustainability to evaluate the environmental performance of non-profit buildings. The free one-week long assessments are conducted June through August, include an assessment of energy usage, loading data into a benchmarking tool called Energy Star Portfolio Manager, carrying out visual inspections of resource utilization (including waste and recycling opportunities) and engaging the staff to help uncover more opportunities through simple behavior changes. From the results of these assessments, the teams develop reports on how each organization can achieve greater levels of resource conservation and what types of financial incentives might be available for moving forward with recommended changes. Over the past three years, teams have audited roughly 90 organizations making a substantial improvement to the “green culture” in Baltimore.

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Climate Showcase Program Reflection Report

Ideas in Action

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