Keswick Green Team


Green Team Members:

Left to Right: Kimberly Chmiel, Darlene Foehrkolb, Melissa Hagerty, Chris Harris, Katie Harris, Anne Haskins, Tenille Johnson, Gabrielle Jones, Michael Lang, Debbie Lassen, Stella Liang, Leah Rondon, Shayne Watson. Not Pictured: Julia Buick, Alicia Carter, Amanda Eisenberg, Amna Malik.



Current Activities:

The team is currently planning for the 2016 Keswick Farmers Market. Several team members are also working to get their departments Green Office Certified.



Keswick Farmers Market


The Green Team's primary focus in 2014 was launching and overseeing a new farmers market at the Keswick facility. From May 20th to October 28th, the market operated in the South Parking Lot from 11 AM to 2 PM every Tuesday. A variety of vendors rotated week-to-week and there were two cooking demonstrations hosted by Roland Park Place's executive chef.


  • Apex Bee Company
  • Atwater's
  • BricknFire Pizza
  • Cabin Creek Heritage Farm
  • ChezG
  • Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm
  • Everblossom Farm
  • Evermore Farm
  • Galena Blooms
  • Ollie's Fresh Picked
  • Pong's Orchard
  • Siwik Produce Farm
  • Sexy Vegie
  • Three Spring Fruit Farm

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Green Office Certifications:

Offices can pursue Green Office Certification by completing a sustainability checklist. A score up to 5 feathers can be earned and offices represented by Green Team members are listed below.


Purchasing Services



Patient Access at Keswick



Patient Financial Services - System Support



JHM Financial Analysis Unit






Meeting Schedule & Contact Information:

Click here to learn more about the Green Teams Program at Johns Hopkins. The Keswick Green Team meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 12:00 PM. To get involved with the team's efforts or for questions about the farmers market, please contact the team's leader:


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