Faculty and Staff

Our core belief is that the physical greening of the campuses alone does not make for a “sustainable university.” A truly sustainable Hopkins will evolve as members of the Hopkins community embrace sustainability as a part of their everyday decision making - people who work and study on our campuses will do so in a way that prioritizes people, natural resources and finances to safeguard the health of future generations

Green Team Network

The Green Team Network includes passionate, active members of the JHU community who advocate for more sustainable practices in their workspace. Members are invited to participate in monthly Eco-Smart Challenges to be more sustainable and bi-monthly Eco-Smart Outings to learn more about campus efforts and network with similarly-minded staff, faculty, and grad students at JHU. Join the team!

Green Lab Champions

Green Lab Champions are passionate and inquisitive researchers who are committed to helping reduce the environmental impact of their lab’s operations by coordinating recycling efforts, assessing opportunities for energy and water conservation and disseminating information about green practices to their fellow lab occupants. Essentially they are the go-to people when it comes to greening your lab. Be a champion!

Green Event Planner

Whether it’s a small scale office gathering, or a campus-wide extravaganza there are a variety of steps you can take to reduce the footprint of your event. From identifying opportunities to reduce waste or energy consumption, to thinking about marketing, giveaways, partners, transportation and facilities, the Office of Sustainability wants to support you in hosting a more sustainable event. Small improvements trickle up!

Green Office Certification

The Green Office Certification is a comprehensive checklist that serves as a blueprint for reducing environmental impact, offers recognition for your existing efforts, and helps identify new opportunities for your office. Join the more than 40 JHU offices that have gained certification and get certified!

Ideas in Action

Think before you print.

Office paper is highly recyclable, but a lot gets wasted. Waste reduction is more cost-effective than recycling because it reduces the amount of material that needs to be collected, transported and processed.